We only accept pieces when submission periods are open.

If you send us a piece when submissions are closed, your work will not be considered. You will receive an email stating this.

ISSUE #2 SUBMISSIONS: August 15 – December 31 [OPEN]

ISSUE #2 RELEASE: June 15, 2023


Tabula Rasa Review accepts unlimited submissions. They can be simultaneous submissions, previously published (reprint) submissions, national or international, and of any genre or style. Tabula Rasa Review does not accept erotic, overtly religious, or academic writing, and also does not accept poems over 10 pages or prose over 10,000 words.



Format the subject of your email as GENRE: Name of Piece, Author Name.

If you have multiple poems being sent in the same email, simply include the names of each piece in the subject line, rather than just one.

Tabula Rasa Review prefers your emails to be formatted with SUBJECT in all caps, followed by a colon, then the title or titles of your piece(s), (if multiple), and then your author name.


Make sure all of your poems are in one collective .doc or .docx. Fiction and nonfiction submissions should be sent in separate .doc or .docx files.

Tabula Rasa Review prefers submissions to be in Doc or Docx files. PDFs, PNGs, TXTs, and HTMLs are not accepted.


We will workshop your story for less than the cost of a Starbucks drink! Although that doesn’t mean much in this economy.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop submissions are now closed for Issue 2.

Our editorial team is formed by many voices with years of experience in writing and editing. All of us have formal education in studying and writing creative pieces, as well as experience in evaluating them.

If you would like your piece to be workshopped by our entire editorial team, complete with line comments and individual notes from each editor, you can Cashapp $5 to $tabularasareview with your name and title of the piece.

If we do not give you feedback in a timely manner by the end of our submission period, we will refund your purchase and provide you the promised feedback as soon as possible.